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Mellow Mushroom
August 32014

Mellow is a state of mind, a culture, a way of being. Our mission is to provide delicious food in a fun and creative environment. We are the originators of Classic Southern Pizza, & our unique and flavorful crust is a true original.

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Brixx Wood Fire Pizza
August 32014

In the case of Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, the “light bulb” went on while Operating Partner Eric Horsley was skiing in Aspen. Heading back to Charlotte, Eric shared his idea with Managing Partners Jeff Van Dyke and Barbara Bodford-Morgan. Together they conceived of a restaurant that that applied fine dining techniques and quality to casual, everyday food. Love of great pizza with a good beer is universal. So the goal was to keep it simple and fun, but add a unique style.

But, how do you stand apart from the competition, big and small? Simple. Just add fire.

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We grow our community by engaging intentionally in the farm to fork process and living our vision of creative resiliency.

We bring our community together with love, warmth and hospitality over delicious, healthy food. We prioritize worker, environmental, and social justice; accessibility through affordability; and sustainability at every level. We pay a living wage.

Our producers are local, our investors local, and our long-term goals are about transforming the local economy. We source our produce and meat from nearby family farms; organize our workplace around joy and liberation; honor the land and our relationship to it; and practice interdependence with other organizations and small businesses who share our values.

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August 32014

When you walk through the shadowed glass doors of Talulla’s, an instant transformation begins to occur. Your mind and body begin to relax. Your ears pick up on the eclectic mix of music. Your eyes wonder around the walls, decorated in Turkish rugs; then the ceilings, scattered with warm, unique lighting pieces; then the floors… the dark, hardwood floors; and finally, across the plush seating areas, disguised by cushions and pillows and fabric leisurely draped around the frames.

Established in 2004, Talulla’s has become a favorite dining and late night destination amongst locals and visiting foodies alike with our unique Turkish Cuisine.
Served in an authentic setting, the extensive menu is a culinary journey of centuries-old Ottoman recipes dating to the 15th century. From varied selections of hot and cold mezzes to delectable presentations of grilled lamb and other meats, the flavors and atmosphere whisk you away to Turkey.
Surrounded by antique rugs, ambient music, the well-knowledged staff treats your senses to a cornucopia of exotic tastes using top-quality meats and organic vegetables.

We recreate meals shared with friends and family as they have been for the past five hundred plus years, paired with an eclectic selection of Turkish and global wines from our cellar. As a family-run business, we strive for perfection in our attention and hospitality, proudly recreating memorable shared experiences for which we have received many accolades. Come and let us share our heritage with you and your family at Talulla’s.

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Sage Vegetarian Cafe
August 32014

Sage Café in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was established by Homa Jahannia and her son, Ramin Jahannia, in 2003. From the beginning, it has been an exclusively vegetarian café, with Homa as the cook. Friends warned Homa and Ramin that vegetarian restaurants are not at all certain to draw enough customers to support them, but Homa was convinced that if the food were really good, the décor inviting, and the service excellent, the restaurant would succeed, and she proved to be right.

The Café rapidly developed a clientele of vegetarians, and many non-vegetarians also became regular customers. Artistic imagination has created an environment of warmth, beauty, and comfort.

Homa grew up in Iran. Her cooking is based largely on Persian dishes, adapted to vegetarianism, but it is also eclectic, drawing on Italian and other cuisines. Creative use of herbs and spices, some of which are initially unfamiliar to customers, are used to flavor fresh vegetable and fruit dishes. Wherever possible, organic fruits and vegetables are bought from local sources.

For Homa, the appreciation of customers for the food at Sage Café is the most important accomplishment. Small businesses in general do not make their owners rich, and this was not Homa’s expectation in founding the café. The important achievement has been the creation of an environment of warmth and conviviality, in which good vegetarian food is served and customers are satisfied.

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Mediterranean Deli
August 32014

Mediterranean Deli provides Chapel Hill with authentic cuisines from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. We use the freshest ingredients and take pride in artfully crafting food that is healthy and delicious.

Mediterranean Deli concentrates on being the best catering service for the Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh communities. Mediterranean Deli has years of experience catering private parties, business lunches, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Check out our catering menu.

Or visit the Deli for a delicious meal that will nurture your body and your spirit.

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Margaret’s Cantina
August 32014

As chef-owner, I’m often in the kitchen wearing an apron and a baseball cap. I’ve been creating my personal cuisine in Chapel Hill-Carrboro since 1990 when two friends and I opened a take-out chicken stand called Chick-It-Out. Having grown up in Southern Arizona, that cuisine quickly took on a distinctly Southwestern flavor.

Long before locavore entered the lexicon, I was buying organic produce from farmers like the legendary Bill Dow of Chatham County. Today I still work with Bill and other growers, among them Rose & Mark Lyon, Jan Mann & Tom Jackson, Bill & Joanna Lelekacs and Lisa & David Pope. I’ve been a member of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association for years and I also purchase produce from Eastern Carolina Organics, a farmers’ co-op. “The Egg Man,” Gerald Hall of Pleasant Garden, NC, brings me fresh brown eggs from his free-range chickens.

I use organic brown rice and black beans and locally milled organic flour. North Carolina is represented year round on my “South meets Southwest” menu in the form of sweet potatoes, grits and greens. Seasonal produce includes asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, apples, tomatoes, tomatillos, chiles, salad greens and shiitake mushrooms… the list goes on!

All desserts, including ice cream, are made in-house with fresh fruit, unsalted butter, local eggs, quality chocolate and real locally-made vanilla extract. We serve a rotating list of favorite desserts, including my grandmother’s chocolate cake and classic flan.

I believe that we all want to live well and eat well and we all can use a little help with the cooking and cleaning! That’s the niche I’ve tried to fill in the restaurant world. Because my dishes are made in-house from wholesome ingredients, you can make pleasurable and healthy choices, no matter your preferences. You’ll find extensive vegetarian and vegan selections. See V (vegetarian) and VV (vegan) after many menu entries and many vegetarian dishes can be made without dairy products. We also offer gluten-free dishes… look for GF (gluten free) or * (gluten free without bread) on the menu.

I’m thankful for having been a part of this wonderful community of caring people for nearly 20 years, and with your continued loyal support, I hope to be here for a long time to come. I couldn’t have done it without you!

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Weaver Street Market
August 32014

Weaver Street Market’s mission is a vibrant, sustainable commercial center for the community of owners and potential owners, which is

  • Cooperative – control and profits stay within the community
  • Local – maximizes local resources to meet local needs
  • Ecological – works in harmony with the environment
  • Primary – provides for basic community needs
  • Fair – mutually beneficial and non-exploitative
  • Inclusive – accessible to the whole community
  • Interactive – creates opportunity for community interaction
  • Empowering – enables fulfilling work and customer experiences
  • Educational – develops an informed community
  • And is reliant on community support – to purchase goods and services, invest in the cooperative, and participate in governance.

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